A sampling of client feedback...
  • "Was the course only one week long? I am amazed how many challenging concepts and practical ideas have 'stuck' in my mind, I can honestly think of no other course that has generated so many positives and made me ask so many questions of myself."
  • "What worked well was the time out sessions where we had the chance to discuss with a 'stranger' our own personal opportunities to improve our 'emotional' skills. It gave me the chance to understand my own personal situation in trying to achieve a work/life balance. Do I listen enough? Am I so competitive in everything I do that I don't dialogue, I debate? Do I study body language to sense situations? I am definitely clearer on my own strengths and weaknesses."
  • During the course I resolved to address a difficult situation at my own work when I returned. Last week I read my 'learning journal' to remind myself of some of the key comments I had written in an effort to resolve this issue. I guess in many circumstances when you return from a course the files get buried in a filing cabinet and rarely are opened again. For me to do this within a week of returning from the course is a powerful reminder of just how much I learnt and how much more I can learn. And as a positive action, the difficult issue I referred to earlier has been addressed."
  • "The course content challenged my thinking and broke several of my paradigms that existed within me. The areas that worked well for me were around emotional intelligence, systemic feedback and conflict resolution. All three areas revealed areas for improvement within me and how I can impact on others more effectively to achieve my goals." 
  • "I appreciated the fact that the communication wasn't only from teachers to listeners but really multi-directional: exchanging experiences and ideas with other participants has been a very fast way to deeply understand many of the course concepts."
  • "An interesting point was the possibility to make a self assessment on my emotional intelligence through the EQ Map. If you don't apply such ideas to your personal experience, it is difficult to understand how to improve. During the course itself I had the opportunity to focus on my weaknesses and, at the end of the course, I had already the feeling to have understood how to deal with them."
  • "Due to the permanent open feedback I found various points which I will implement in my professional and personal life which are helpful for improving performance (improvement of time management, relationships, self-awareness, empathy, "be yourself", take more time for people, regular self-assessment and feedback etc.)"
  • I found this program pretty practical. I have come away with many ideas on changes, adjustments, and experiments to try out immediately with my own leadership back in the workplace. On the other hand I feel that solid foundations have been set for my ongoing personal and leadership development."
  • What an incredible week! You and your team did such an excellent job in facilitating a true learning environment. Everyone learns differently, and I think that by teaching in several different formats, you ensured that everyone was impacted. As someone said, your format also enabled us to teach ourselves. We were given time and situations to make solid connections with other participants. For many of us, these connections will perpetuate the learning process for years to come."
  • "Just a quick note to again express my thanks for your fantastic contribution to our national meeting. In your usual style you really made everyone feel a part of the proceedings and put them at ease. Your informal yet professional approach is always appreciated and contributed to a very successful meeting!"
  • "Sometimes it is easy to get cynical about organizations until you meet people, who like you, restore faith. You underscore the fact that greatness need not translate into an inflated ego, but that it can be warm, generous and so very human. For that, and the passion you exude, I'm left with deep admiration!"