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Customer Service

Take a moment to think of the experiences you have had as a customer during the last month - when you were at a restaurant, automobile mechanic, bank, golf course, health club, airport - when you were the customer. Were there any really great experiences? Were there any really bad experiences? Were there a lot of average experiences? 


Over the years we've asked thousands of people that question and heard the stories that described their experiences with a broad range of sectors.  We've learned a lot about the state of service from listening to the experiences of others. It will come as no surprise to you that people get more bad service than they do outstandingly great service. It won't surprise you to know that they tell about eight times as many people about their bad experiences as they do their good.  What you might be surprised to learn is the vast majority of service experiences are reported as being "average" - neither particularly good or bad. Does that resonate with your experiences and those of your friends and colleagues? 


All products and services eventually become a commodity. Someone always comes along and copies the products and services of others at a better price. It's happened with automobiles, computers, software, televisions, digital cameras, lawnmowers, legal services, accounting services, call centre services and just about everything else that has gone through it's initial life cycle. If there's money in it someone always wants to do it for less - we even see this happening in the delivery of traditionally core government services through outsourcing companies who have in turn become a commodity themselves.


When most of the service we get is "average" and most of the products/services look the same there is a very large opportunity at play. The organization whose employees give fun, responsive, different, flexible, caring, trustworthy, honest, compelling service to their customers and the people they work with will stand out way above the rest. That seems simple - and it is simple to understand - every organization would say that's their goal. The problem is that our experience tells us it isn't happening anywhere near as much as it should.

If you fix the "average sameness" problem everywhere in your organization you will gain a significant competitive advantage over the competitors you have and the ones that are coming after you. If you don't fix the problem you are at serious risk, regardless of the other competitive strategies you implement.


There are two essential components to any service experience: Interpersonal and Process. In other words, the way you are treated and the procedures you have to follow to obtain the product/service. If you want to improve your service levels you need to focus on improving both. 

We help organizations to diagnose the state of their current level of service through interviews, mystery shopper and statistical analysis.

We use this information to design highly customized facilitator led and self directed training programs that are integrated with your environment. These are targeted at the people in your organization who can best leverage new service knowledge, skills and attitudes on interpersonal and process service elements in your organization. 

We can help you to create a service culture that stands out above the rest. The type of service culture that draws people in - customers and employees alike. This is not a complicated or overly expensive intervention - it's just a tangible, simple way for you to build differentiation, responsiveness, flexibility and passion into your organization.

It all starts with a conversation. Let's talk about the state of service in your organization and in your market. We'll find the opportunities together and make the most of what we discover.