About Us

We are a training company that was formed to help companies truly focus in an effective and efficient way on the skills required for their success; those skills that will give them an edge over their competitors. 

We seek nothing less than to help people create organizations that have fun and that work on every level. Places where learning is encouraged and ideas are nurtured, where conflict is helpful, where people work in synch with respect for dependencies. We want communication to be your best asset, not something you have to deal with. A climate of creativity, speed, risk taking, meaning; a place where people believe in what they do. We want things to be the way they should be, the way many successful companies are before they get too big.

We have brought together fantastic training programs that are based on solid research and proven by phenomenal results with thousands of companies of all shapes and sizes. Many of our programs are self-directed and so can be completed with or without a trainer. Our instructor-led programs are adapted to meet the specific requirements of your organization in terms of content and delivery strategies.

We take great joy in also providing facilitation services that zero in on the most important leverage point in any organization: meetings. Meetings can kill you or they can give you heavy results; unfortunately too often you end up dead! We have the group process techniques and strategies you need to plan and run effective meetings every time. We plan meetings, provide on-site facilitation and teach you to do the same.