Self Directed

Passion Works!

Personal Mastery

This customized program is delivered for groups in half day modules and for individuals through hourly coaching sessions. Our philosophy is that personal mastery comes from combining a pursuit of self improvement with a commitment to seek and understand personal feedback from all sources.  

We know that highly effective, satisfied people share some things in common: They don't let stress burn them out physically and emotionally. They manage their time, their time doesn't manage them. They connect with others in meaningful ways and manage conflict in a fruitful fashion. They understand their own natural strengths and weaknesses and work to leverage them on the one hand, and mitigate the risks they cause on the other. They constantly challenge themselves to be more innovative in the way they solve problems and pursue opportunities. They know what is most important to them and they continually create the conditions under which their passion - loud or quiet - can thrive.  

We combine elements from several of our self directed learning profiles and facilitator led experiences to create an individualized personal mastery program. This is a transformational experience that leaves you with practical tools and strategies you can use for a lifetime - or at least until you are retired!

During your time with us we will explore the following: