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Leaders are made...

We know that working for a "bad boss" is the number one reason people voluntarily leave their jobs and their organizations and the number one cause of stress for people who don't.  We also know from experience that "great bosses" make our lives better - emotionally, intellectually, financially and career-wise.

Today, people tend to get promoted into leadership positions because they are strong technically. They're great sales people, data base developers, engineers, designers, call centre agents or accountants. The only way for them to "move up" is to become a manager. The problem frequently (much too frequently) is that they don't yet have what it takes to be a "great boss". They have the competencies required for success in their previous job, but they don't have the competencies required of a great leader - and many of them never will unless given the chance to overtly look at their own leadership practices relative to the practices of "Great Bosses". Unfortunately too many managers never get that chance, and that's why so many good people leave organizations they like because of bosses they can't stand.

Our Leadership Program varies in length from 1-5 days depending on your requirement.  We use participant work experience as a filter by which to explore the best practices of leadership. Topics for discussion include:

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership versus Management

Developing High Performing Teams

Leading Change

Delivering and Receiving Feedback

Conflict Resolution

Leading with Passion


Situational Leadership

Creative Problem Solving

Decision Making

360 Degree Assessment

Recruiting and Dismissal

Succession Planning

Leading without Authority - Project Leadership


Managers are appointed... Leaders are elected.