We deliver on our promises to our clients. Nothing is more important to us than their satisfaction. We've been in business since 1995 and continue to thrive because our clients are always delighted with the way we work and the results we achieve. 

When you hire us we know that your reputation is on the line. We know that if we don't create a powerful learning experience for your clients you look bad - or worse. We take this faith you place in us very seriously - your trust in us is sacred. 

We also know what it's like to be a participant in a "bad" training program - it is such a painful, time wasting experience. We have never and will never let that happen to the people participating in our programs. 

You and your clients/colleagues will leave your learning experience with the knowledge, skills, strategies, tools and answers you came for. You will leave having had a good time. You will leave having had meaningful conversations with the other program participants. You will leave having had a real opportunity to experience transformational learning.

We conduct formal feedback rounds frequently in our programs, not just at the end. Why? Because we are driven to make our programs real and useful - so we adjust "on the fly" in real time - not after the opportunity has been lost. Every group deserves the best we can give - and they deserve to influence what we do while we do it.

Our guarantee to you is simple. If you or your clients and colleagues aren't delighted with the learning experiences we create for you - you don't pay. We always get paid - and that makes us happy because we know we're keeping our promise to you.