Hi, I'm Dave Jones, the President of Discover Training, and its principal facilitator.

 Our facilitators' purpose is to help people lead better lives both personally and professionally. Each of us help people to define their dreams and acknowledge their current reality. We help them to make decisions, create strategies and adopt practices that will make a positive difference in their life and their life's work.  

We create the type of experiential learning environment where we learn as much from participants as they learn from us and from each other. If there are 20 people in our learning program, we harness the knowledge, experience and wisdom of all 21 of us!  

We know that learning has to be engaging. It certainly can't be dry and boring. We combine our naturally entertaining and energizing personal styles with a very grounded, interactive, open space for focused combinative learning.    

I have discovered that if you spend time with good people good things come your way. Over the years I have developed an extended network of superior facilitators in Canada, The United States and Europe. The intensity of our work together at home and on the road has made us more than colleagues, we have become trusted friends. If you would like to learn more about them please email me.