David Jones

David Jones is President of Discover Training and PassionWorks! He is a dynamic adult educator with seventeen years of corporate training, speaking and facilitation experience obtained by providing consulting services to a diverse private, public and not for profit client base in North America and Europe.

He has developed strong expertise in designing and delivering customized training and facilitation solutions for clients who need to strengthen leadership and develop high performing people.  These workshops are highly interactive experiences that take place within an open, creative, supportive and challenging environment. His clients report that he gets results: the sessions he designs, facilitates and manages on their behalf are positive, motivating experiences that stimulate desired changes and outputs.

Participants report that as a facilitator he has a talent for promoting open dialogue and debate while at the same time keeping the group focused on core objectives.  Personally, clients appreciate his sense of humour, empathy, clarity, patience and energy. He has combined these “hard to teach” elements with professional certifications in adult education, sociology, psychology and business.  In addition, David authored “Passion-Works! A Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace”.