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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving
"Learning While Working"

Our current economic and social climate calls out more than ever for creative solutions and innovative approaches. Research suggests that virtually all of grade one students consider themselves to be creative. By grade six this number has dropped to 50%, by grade nine barely 10% of students believe that they are truly creative in their approach to anything. Each of us has creative talents; we have both a right and left side to our brain! Unfortunately traditional school systems and common business practices have focused us all on our logical left side leaving our creative right side to become lazy and out of practice. We all have the capacity to be wildly creative and innovative, we just need to teach ourselves strategies for unleashing this power both individually and in groups!

This highly interactive two-day workshop teaches participants to use several outstanding creative problem-solving techniques, such as brainstorming, brainwriting, mindmaps, clustering, force field analysis and dynamic planning. Workshop participants bring real problems/opportunities to the program and apply these techniques to them in the workshop. Participants are able to create innovative solutions and build action plans for implementing their strategy back at work.

Participants' love this program because it allows them to save time and see opportunities for action that had been hidden. They leave with a plan to address an existing pressing business problem/opportunity. People actually accomplish important 'real work' in a training session! In doing this, they learn practical tools that they can apply to continually bring creativity and innovation to their work, their colleagues and their personal life.

Participants Learn To:

  • Use creative problem solving techniques as tools for more effectively managing overall problem solving, decision-making and planning efforts.
  • Identify innovative solutions and action plans for resolving pressing problems.
  • Create innovative strategies for identifying and capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Develop a continuous learning mindset based on curiosity and lateral thinking.
  • Develop a work environment that attracts and keeps talented, motivated, creative employees.