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Essi Systems and Inscape Publishing  have developed the industry leading self-directed learning instruments available in the market today. They meet the highest standards for research, validity and reliability and are focused on the human factors most critical to individual and organizational success. As a certified representative of Inscape and Essi Systems, we offer you access to these solutions. The learning instruments (or "profiles") are unique in that by completing self-scoring surveys learners give themselves feedback on their own performance relative to the performance of others with whom they interact. They are provided with information that personalizes the learning experience and that helps them to appreciate the specific benefits/drawbacks offered by other performance strategies. The instruments focus attention and promote team dialogue and personal reflection on key human performance issues. They give the team a common non-defensive value oriented language in which to develop and implement action strategies for increasing bottom line results. Each instrument contains tons of easy to understand valuable information, and a program for applying the newly acquired information in the workplace. These programs can be completed individually and in groups to maximize application of relevant skills and knowledge in day to day operations.