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Time Mastery ProfileŽ

This is just a wonderful tool for anyone serious about taking the bull by the horns and truly making the most of the time given each of us every day. It contains a self-scoring survey that identifies your strengths and weaknesses in 12 categories critical to effective time management. Based on your results, a personal action plan is developed to improve those areas that could use it, while paying particular attention to the areas crucial to success in your situation. Tons of practical and easy to understand information is provided for how to improve in each Time Mastery category; for how to get started applying these new skills right away and for how to stay with it in the long run.

It sure beats just asking your employees to "Work Harder"!


Your people will be better able to:

  • Adopt attitudes and habits that result in effective time use
  • Align effort with well thought out goals
  • Prioritize day to day activities
  • Analyze their personal time use
  • Plan weekly and daily activities
  • Build effective schedules
  • Control interruptions
  • Organize and manage meetings
  • Manage paperwork
  • Delegate tasks, authority and responsibility
  • Conquer procrastination
  • Manage time teamwork