Team Work

Passion Works!

  Team Performance

How It Works

     Our facilitator meets with the team leader several times to establish rapport, set expectations, share values and guiding principles, create agenda, understand process, collect background information, etc.

     Facilitator conducts confidential interviews with each team member (or representative number)

     Facilitator reports general trends to team leader and recommends business and soft skill agenda items for inclusion/exclusion in the agenda.

     Agenda and pre meeting participant assignments are finalized with team leader and organizing committee.

     A team and talent development resource guide and tool kit is prepared based on the finalized agenda. This is enhanced based on the judgment of facilitator and team leader in terms of what additional subjects may arise during the meeting. This is designed to be a great quick reference tool that helps people create sustainable positive change.

     During the meeting all team members will be actively participating in experiential activities, dialogue, problem solving, reflection, decision-making and presentations. You will develop as a group and as a person by accomplishing important things, while having meaningful conversations and working in enabling ways

     The following is a list of soft skill subjects that may appear on your agenda: Team Values, Roles and Responsibilities, Decision Making, Dialogue and Debate, Passion and Motivation, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Assumptive Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Building Culture, Team Thinking and Meeting Management, Talent Development, Time Management, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills, Personality Analysis, Networking, Sales, Conflict and Coaching,

     Before, during and after the meeting we offer personal coaching for all members of the team who want it. In these formal and informal sessions we help people to evaluate and address personal and business issues or opportunities.

     Normally at least one third of the integrated agenda is occupied by business specific subjects. Every meeting is unique but at a high level here are the things we typically see covered: Strategic Planning, Performance Updates and Forecasting, Problem Identification and Clarification, Solution Finding, Senior Management Presentations, Internal Function Presentations, External Expert Presentations, and Best Practice Sharing.

     We formally collect feedback during the meeting, and together with you and your team, respond in real time to it. After the meeting you get a report that documents all feedback.


After the meeting you will receive reminders, tips and challenges. Your facilitator will take what they have learned from you and about you to create a simple and unique follow up strategy that will help you sustain your momentum.