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This customized solution integrates business commitments and work processes with talent development and teamwork. This isn’t a “training program” or a “team building session”. This is your meeting. 

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In your meeting you share business information, explore issues, solve problems and make commitments. In your meeting you use a process that builds trust, creates accountability, shares best practices for human performance, reinforces feedback and brings people together around shared commitments. Together we create a place where you can develop and learn the things you need as a person and as a team to perform at a higher, more rewarding level. You learn how to work more efficiently, effectively and passionately while you are having a productive business meeting.  

Our facilitators have worked in the talent and organizational development industry for sixteen years. We have designed and delivered and been certified in a list of subjects too long to list. The list is big because we are curious, because we are never satisfied and because our clients’ aren’t either. Over the last five years there has been a shift in our client’s requirements. Increasingly you need unique development solutions that will help you to address a specific business issue or opportunity. You want us to pull from everything we know to create a meeting experience that organically builds competencies and culture while moving the business ahead.

You want us to be able to completely change subjects, process and focus in the meeting “on the fly” if that is what it takes to move your team forward. You don’t want a scripted event; you want a meaningful experience that you create with your team and the facilitator in real time. Someone bright once said, “listen to your customers or someone else will”. Our clients were right and we are glad we pushed ourselves to give them what they wanted – it has taught us more than we could write here.

Let us just say that this organic business integrated approach to talent and team development creates the most sustainable and meaningful positive change we have ever seen. We provide this solution in many forms – sometimes it is a multi-day meeting at an offsite location, sometimes it is a shorter meeting or series of meetings held on site. We help teams once a quarter with their planning/budgeting sessions. We help temporary cross-functional project teams get off the ground and stay on track. We help newly formed teams to build foundations quickly. We help newly appointed leaders to establish a high performing culture. There is always a unique method that works best for each particular team – and that method produces significant results.

How It Works...