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At the heart of every great success known to humankind you will find passion. Whether you are talking about The Mars Lander Mission, the invention of penicillin, The Rose Bowl Parade, The World Series or the fundraiser you just had for your kids sports team - every great success has people behind it who are passionate about the job at hand. 

Take a moment to reflect on your last year at work. How passionate have you been? What projects have made you feel passionate? What work hasn't made you feel passionate? How about your colleagues, bosses, direct reports, suppliers, partners and clients - how passionate have they been? 

One thing is for sure - if passion is lacking within you and your organization so are your odds for continuing success and fulfillment.

During 2000-2003 David Jones researched and authored "Passion-Works! Your Guide to Passion in the Modern Workplace." In it he defines passion:

“Passion is a strong emotion that happens within each of us when we are doing meaningful work that makes us feel better about ourselves at a pace that feels like real progress”.

Passion is not necessarily expressed in extroverted ways - external excitement alone is not passion. In fact David interviewed many scientists and engineers who derived a great deal of passion from their work - they just didn't express it in wild displays of emotion. David also interviewed sales people, teachers, executives and others who expressed their passion externally, but the feelings of passion they experienced inside were no different from those of the passionate introvert. These positive feelings are what makes pursuing a passionate work experience worth it - the fact that passion leads to success more often than not is just a great bonus! 

In our Passion Works! Program you will learn to:

Create the particular conditions that give rise to passion within yourself  and others at your workplace.

Understand how the lack of these conditions gives rise to people who become negative, cynical, bored, scattered, stressed, or who just plain coast along.

Evaluate the state of your own passion by project.

Evaluate the state of passion in your team and organization by project.

We deliver this program either as a 2 hour key note session or  as a 1/2 to 2 day facilitator led learning experience.